Thursday, September 1, 2011

How to paint my SUMPOD?

So while waiting for my SUMPOD someone asked for a template to try out different color variations before buying paint.  So did just that using Gimp. The result is a poor mans hack but it works.  You can pretty much just select the color of the base and carrier by coloring a couple of layers and it turned out pretty nice.

You can find the template here for gimp in .xcf format and a .psd export here I made but haven't tested at all.

Here you see a few examples I made using the template.

I seem to be favoring a blue unit with completely white interior, not just the surface carrier, unlike the picture shown here. The white will increase the visibility inside the build chamber to better see the details during a build.  I saw a TOM in action the other day where there where problem's with the feeder while using transparent plastic. Being able to clearly see what was being layered down seemed useful.

Edit: added a new layer for the inside of the template


Anonymous said...

anyone know why duncanperham got deleted?

Anonymous said...

Not only did he get deleted, the whole thread dissappeared! Several did!!! I find this quite concerning, 1984 anyone?
How can we users stay in contact? Any ideas? I'd love to talk to duncan in person!

GREAT job on the gimp shopping!!!

( is a quite anonymous OpenID provider btw)

Freyr Magnússon said...

That is a bit totalitarian, but I'd rather try to avoid making by humble blog a nameless outlet for sumpod decent. I think the sumpod forum is still the best place for would be users but the problem is that we are not really users yet since no one has a unit yet.

The first 25 units should ship today according to legend (including mine). I'm going to see what the weekend brings before doing anything hasty.

Larry said...

yep Im actually number 31 for contribution... didnt realize I had to count the annons hope the first 25 go out today... If people havent received them by friday next week ill post some things for everyone to research... I think ill paint mine white, see less dust then a dark colour, also maybe a good idea is paint it the same colour as your wall :D

Fixer said...

Painting the same colour as the decor is something I was intending too. A kind of camouflag, but not sufficient for the Pod to be in a living area - I do have a wife and the wife acceptance factor (WAF) is high.
Definitely white for the inside and installation of a light to see exactly where things have gone wrong with a print - cos they will at some point.

My five year old son is eager to print something.

Freyr Magnússon said...

Lol, WAF is indeed important.

I don't really expect the Sumpod to stay in the same place for very long so a self contained color scheme seems to be the best option.

There is a bunch of stuff to print on thingiverse for kids. I also found GrabCAD which had series going of wood cutouts of flies, dinos, planes and what not that would be perfect for a 3d printer. Unfortunately, most of it is published in Solidworks CAD files though which I don't have access to at present. Could find a standalone exporter :(